Alcohol Causes More Harm Than Cannabis: Experts

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Which is better – pot or alcohol? This question was addressed way back in 1971 by Richard Nixon in his private interview with the late Art Linkletter. When Linkletter said that people smoke marijuana to get high and drink alcohol to be sociable, Nixon agreed and said that most people drink just to have fun rather than to get drunk.

War on drugs was launched by Nixon the following year that has till now resulted in the arrest of around 80,000 Americans every year for marijuana law violations. Today, after several decades, the debate on whether marijuana or alcohol is more harmful continues.

Experts opine that as compared to drugs, alcohol certainly causes more harm. A study conducted by the World Health Organization in the mid 1990s found that usage of drugs such as marijuana in moderation poses lesser number of public health issues as compared to issues that arise from usage of tobacco and alcohol, especially in the Western societies.

Another research study conducted by French scientists at the INSERM state medical institute in the year 1998 showed that cannabis, as compared to heroin, alcohol and cocaine posed relatively lesser risk to public health.

A comprehensive review on marijuana and its health implications was completed in the year 2002 by a Canadian Senate Committee which concluded that as compared to alcohol, cannabis is less harmful and must be treated more as a public health and social problem rather than as a criminal issue.

A team of scientists hired by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 2007 assessed the impact of drugs such as tobacco and alcohol on public health found that disease and death predominantly resulted from alcohol consumption. Cannabis however contributed to around 0.2% of disease and injury in the country.

Another review of alcohol versus pot was conducted in 1989 by the state research advisory panel in California. The conclusion here again was that marijuana caused lesser damaged to individuals and to society at large as compared to cigarettes and alcohol.

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