Cannabis against Swine Flu

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New research on cannabis has throw up some exciting results. It now looks like cannabis can be used medicinally as a protection against swine flu (H1N1). This is indeed good news at the beginning of the school year when conditions for the spread of the swine and bird flues are right.

The cannabis is proposed to be introduced to children in the form of a medicinal throat lozenge. This is a great discovery as anti-viral technology has yet to find adequate barriers against the swine flu.

Cannabis Science is the company that has filed for FDA approval for medical lozenges to treat swine flu. If cleared, there will be an easy way to combat swine flu deaths especially among children who are more susceptible.

To understand how cannabis works to prevent and cure swine flu, one should first understand that swine flu is fatal because your immune system goes into overdrive. As cannabis suppresses the immune system, it is the perfect response to swine flu infections.

Both whole cannabis and multi-cannabinoids were used in the tests carried out very scientifically. Endo cannabinoids are nature’s tools to control tumor necrosis factor. When this does not work, phyto cannabinoids can also be used for this purpose. This then prevents excessive inflammatory immune responses in the patient. This is the key to curing patients and preventing vulnerable people from catching swine flu.

As the WHO has elevated swine flu to a pandemic status, and many people are dying from this epidemic, it is time the world’s governments took serious note of this development. Medical cannabis just might offer a great and easy cure and prevention to swine flu. This could lead to potentially saving millions of lives.

Moreover, cannabis is non-toxic and inexpensive. It can also be mass produced to stop this pandemic on its tracks.

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