Cannabis Could Help the Brain Learn

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A new study on rats shows that regular use of cannabis could actually help the brain learn. This is because cannabinoids help in the growth of neurons in the hippocampus. As the hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning, the growth of these neurons effectively means that the brain can learn afresh. The researcher administered both synthetic and natural cannabinoids and derived the same results. The scientists now predict that chronic use of cannabis might promote learning in two to three months. This is indeed a great benefit of the use of cannabis.

This study also found that cannabis suppressed anxiety and depression. This, they feel, could be because of the relationship between neurogenesis and mood swings.

However, the scientists who conducted these studies warn that there is a huge gap between rats and humans. Also, cannabis is not as pure as lab produced cannabinoids. Both these factors need to be taken into account before firmly pronouncing that smoking cannabis can give better brain power to humans.

This is just the first step in a long series of tests and studies that will have to be undertaken to help cure humans of ailments using cannabis or cannabinoids. What the scientists are reporting is just the potential for cures using cannabis.

It must be noted that there are herbal, synthetic, and endogenous cannabinoids. While herbal cannabinoids are produced by the plants, endogenous cannabinoids are synthesized by animals and humans. All these have to be studied specifically for their effects and properties before anything definite can be said about using cannabis to boost human brain power.

The scientists are also unclear about why smoking cannabis cures one of a hangover. These studies conducted on rats do not explain this phenomenon.

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