Cannabis for Pain Relief

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Most patients go for medical treatment to get help to handle and overcome their pain. Pains are of different types and there are no medicines powerful enough to handle all of them. For example, no medication can provide pain relief for patients suffering from pain caused by damaged nerves.

Patients suffering from acute and chronic pain are sometimes prescribed with opiates. They are at a risk of getting addicted as with increased tolerance, they demand more dosage. Opiates also result in severe side effects such as nausea and a drugged feeling that debilitates normal functioning.

Patients who are medicated with opiates cannot relate normally with those around them and consequently their family life suffers to a great extent. Chronic pain can be treated with non-addictive synthetic analgesics. However, these medicines are not as powerful as the opiates.

As compared to other analgesics, cannabis is found to have very few side effects. According to reports from users, the pain disappears the moment they smoke cannabis. There are people using cannabis for over 20 years as a pain relief measure. In fact, some say that they have even managed to get over their opiate addiction with the help of small cannabis dosages.

Users who are experienced find cannabis very effective and helpful. They learn how to ignore the psychoactive effects of this drug and function normally. Cannabis therefore can definitely address any type of pain in an effective manner.

Though cannabis is similar to the opioids to a certain extent, it differs in the way it acts and creates the analgesic effect. There are indications that cannabis can greatly help people who are unable to respond satisfactorily to other treatment methods.

Studies and scientific evidence have revealed that cannabis can be used for medical purposes as it possesses pain relieving properties. According to the British Medical Association, doctors must be permitted to prescribe cannabinoids such as THC and Nabilone for patients suffering from intractable pain.

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