Ford goes Green for car manufacturing

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A deal between Defra, the environment department, car giant Ford, and Hemcore, which grows plants closely related to the ones that produce cannabis, could see hemp as the new basis for a wide range of components on the next car.

Talk about going to a greener vehicle.  The fibers from hemp can already be used to make clothes, paper, and rope.  The funding from Defra is being used to create new materials based on these fibers along with other plants such as flax and willow to replace oil based materials and certain metals.  These materials are easy to recycle especially in successive generations of vehicles.  The materials to most likely be replaced first are the pedals, the traditional metal accelerator, and brake.  If all goes well and as technology advances we can see larger components such as body panels being replaced.

This isn’t the first time hemp has been used to create a car and this isn’t the first time Ford has been involved.  Watch the clip below and see for yourself how Henry Ford created the first hemp car back in the early days of the automobile.

Maybe if we focus on legalizing the plant as a whole we can all benefit from it; including yours truly…..Mother Earth!!!!!


Ford’s Hemp Car

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