MCU launches online school to help the ill

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The Medical Cannabis University (MCU) is launching an online school that will help returning veterans along with the chronically ill in medical cannabis therapy.  The school will help train instructors to properly educate these people who suffer from all different types of systems.

With the unemployment still on the rise the school will be using modern technology, such as streaming video and video conferencing, to train those entering the medical cannabis industry.  The education on marijuana will be available 24/7 for learn-from-home convenience.  The internet has been a huge gateway for millions of people who want to share videos and post videos on different websites, especially for growing medical cannabis, but not for education.

Free courses will be offered to young adults that medical cannabis is not for recreational use, but for medicinal purposes.  They will learn that medical cannabis is not to be used without a doctor’s recommendation just like any other prescriptive drug given.

With the Veterans Administration’s acknowledgement of the benefit of medical cannabis therapy for PSTD and other server chronic conditions; access to proper educational tools like and online school will be an effective way to help them.  The school will offer discounted tuition for those disabled, veterans, and their spouses so they can not only gain employment, but help others who are in need of education on the drug marijuana.

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