Reasons why Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug after all

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Come on it’s the safest drug on the planet; so why is this green substance that makes you hungry and full of laughter the gateway drug.  It’s because it’s not!

Its true illegal drug use has risen to its highest level in nearly a decade.  Look at the economy, people have bills; things are going up in price; and people need to feel good about living.  That’s why most people are turning to marijuana.

People aren’t going to harder drugs; they’re sticking to what they know is safe and that substance happens to be an organic herb called marijuana.  So don’t believe the government because they’re selling you down the river short.

Well then people would say its harmful.  This isn’t heroin; crack; cocaine; its pot and pot makes you relaxed and calm.  It unwinds you after working hard all day.  Young people need to know both the positives and negatives to the drug and they need to be reminded when making smart choices about drugs to use.

The statistics prove that marijuana isn’t a gateway drug.  John Cloud in Time said, “increase in drug use came from the growing ranks of pot smokers.”  Pot isn’t good for the lungs as most people know, but its been confirmed adverse effect of that is that it can get you arrested and put into the criminal world.  Both the cocaine and prescription drug industry has flat lined and has been since 2007.  So the next time someone tells you that marijuana is a gateway drugs; you combat them with how come everyone is smoking pot more than using cocaine or any other hard substance.

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