Regular marijuana usage: myths and facts

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Some of the myths and facts about Marijuana are as follows.

  1. Marijuana can causes brain damage – actual studies of marijuana users have shown no evidence of brain damage.
  2. Marijuana damages the reproductive system – studies of actual human populations have not validated this statement.
  3. Marijuana is a “gateway” drug – in fact its has been found that marijuana substitutes for the much more dangerous hard drugs like alcohol, cocaine, and heroin
  4. Marijuana hurts the immune system – two studies showed that hashish and marijuana actually stimulates the immune system.
  5. Marijuana is much more addictive dangerous than tobacco – smoked tobacco is the most addictive whereas marijuana is less addictive than caffeine
  6. Legal marijuana would cause carnage and have social ill effects – poses less hazard than alcohol; legal marijuana might actually save lives.
  7. Marijuana “flattens” brainwaves and leads to neural brain patterns – not well founded.
  8. Marijuana is more potent today than in the past – street marijuana from the early 1970s showed a potency equivalent to that of modern “street” marijuana.
  9. Marijuana damages short-term memory – this is true; however any impairment of short-term memory disappears once the marijuana effect is over.

10. There are over a thousand carcinogines in marijuana smoke – true but misleading; roasted coffee contains 800 volatile chemicals.

If you want to know the most accurate facts regarding the constant marijuana facts, then don’t go by the myths alone. Rather get help from some pros and certified medics. They are the best people to tell you the truth about regular marijuana use. You should remember the fact that myths are more dangerous than any kind of drugs or narcotics.

Moreover, if you’re using marijuana for long, then it’s advisable that you go for regular whole-body health check-ups to see whether all your body organs are working properly or not.

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