UConn says Hemp has benefits

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University of Connecticut researchers have fond that industrial hemp-based bio-diesel has superior cold flow properties.  Incorporating hemp bio-diesel according to UConn Prof. Richard Parnas may make the resulting fuel blend more amenable to cold weather usage.

Industrial hemp can’t be grown in the U.S. legally but is produced in many other areas of the World for purposes such as rope, textiles, recently homes, and now bio-diesel.  The UConn research team produced a small, lab-scale batch of hemp bio-diesel.  A good bio-diesel will have a cloud point in the vicinity of 0 degrees centigrade said the research at UConn.  Due to the unusual and amazing cloud point results, Parnas said his team performed additional testing on the fuel from the hemp seeds.  “We think bio-diesel from hemp is an easy bio-diesel to make,” said Parnus.

No matter how you look at it hemp is a productive crop that need to be legalized and all the research proves it.

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