Use the Sauna to Sweat out the THC

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THC is lipid soluble. This essentially means that THC is stored in the adipose tissue. This THC cannot be metabolized by the body, so it cannot be excreted through the urine or stools. The only way to get rid of this THC is to sweat it out. Only the THC in the blood stream is metabolized by the body and excreted.

While exercising to sweat it out is a great idea, this sweat is produced by the sweat glands on the surface of the skin.

A sauna is considerably hotter and dilates the blood vessels and capillaries. This helps the blood reach the fat tissues and bring out the THC that can then be sent out through the sweat. This helps speed up the detoxification process.

When using a sauna especially to detoxify, remember to stay hydrated, that is, drink plenty of water. It is essential to keep replacing the water that you are losing to prevent dehydration and over heating.

Also, you need to be reasonably fit to withstand the rigors of a sauna. This is because the blood pressure changes drastically in the heat. Your heart has to be able to withstand this variation or you will be in big trouble.

There are two kinds of saunas – dry and wet. Both work fine for detoxification. In fact regular use of the sauna will help ease the burden on your kidneys and liver.

Many doctors recommend a purifying session at the sauna. In case you are trying to detox before a drug test, schedule two sauna sessions, one in the evening and one the next morning. This should do the trick and you will come out of your drug test all squeaky clean and smiling.

Many spas and drug rehabilitation facilities too use saunas as they are excellent for detoxification purposes.

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