How to buy the best marijuana seeds?

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The growers of marijuana are often confronted with the question – where to buy the best marijuana seeds? There are large numbers of marijuana seed producers and seed vendors who stock lots of strains of marijuana.

Cannabis seeds can be classified broadly into two different varieties – Indica and Sativa. The breeders, with a view to change the growing properties of marijuana will cross these two strains to make new strains. The objective of doing this varies from one cross strain to the other. It could be for increasing the yield or the potency. It also is done for strengthening the plant for achieving consistent results.

Before choosing the company/ vendor from whom you want to purchase the Cannabis seeds you must look for the right strains and right companies that produce high quality seeds that have very high germination rates, high levels of THC and high female ratios. There are many companies that have very good seed banks. Further new seed banks are cropping up all the time. It is advisable that you purchase Cannabis seeds from companies that have been in the business for a number of years.

You must also know the seeds that are the best in the market. The best Cannabis seeds in the market are – big bud, bubblegum, white widow, Hollands hope, Ice, Northern lights, purple power and ppp. You could study their properties and choose the one that is best for your purpose.

The following companies have been in the business of stocking and selling Cannabis seeds for more than 3 years and you could approach them for your Cannabis seeds requirement.

Name of company Website URL
Marijuana seeds
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
Weed Seeds
420 – Seeds
Serious Seeds
Dutch Passion
The Global Seedbank
Pucca Seeds

Before finalizing the seed bank from which you want to purchase the seeds you must investigate thoroughly, ask questions, look at their pricing and reputation in the market.

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