Marijuana 101: Oaksterdam University

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Bored with normal majors like English, art, and math? Enroll at Oaksterdam University to get in on America’s booming marijuana industry.


Located in the Oaksterdam section of Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University opened its doors in 2007. This for profit, non-accredited college provides all the training a person needs to be successful in the marijuana business. The University was founded by Richard Lee after a trip to Amsterdam during which he saw their Cannabis College. His goal in opening Oaksterdam University was and still is to attract good professional people to the marijuana industry. He wants the marijuana industry to pay taxes and obey regulations to improve their reputation.

When it opened its doors in November of 2007, Oaksterdam started with a class of 22 students. Since that time over 7,000 individuals have been handed their certificate of completion. The curriculum offered at Oaksterdam covers all aspects of the marijuana industry. They offer classes on a range of topics including growing and harvesting, politics and legal issues, and business management.

With California’s legal pot industry generating as much as $2 billion in profits annually, this is a modern day gold rush. Oaksterdam University explains to their students that $700 all the money needed to create a grow hut and get started. Federal laws still prohibit the growing of marijuana for any reason. The general Federal though process is one tenth the number of plants found equals the number of years you receive in prison. For example, if you are raided and the DEA finds 100 plants, your sentence is 10 years. No one has recently been prosecuted in Californian, which allows medical patients 12 plants. Oakland has gone above the state limit and allows up to 72 plants. With each plant producing an average of three ounces of pot that comes out to an $85,000 harvest.

With this kind of profit potential, no wonder people are getting into the business despite the risks. The people at Oaksterdam are not just in it for profit, however. Many are sufferers themselves who want to improve their growing abilities. The DEA says that schools such as Oaksterdam, “sends the wrong message in the country’s fight against drugs and promotes criminal activity.” However one views Oaksterdam, the schools success has evidence that there is a market for this knowledge and marijuana in general.

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